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RV Refrigerator | 5 Things you need to know?

Learn all about how RV Refrigerators work and whether or not you will need extra storage. Follow the mentioned tips to enhance life and properly maintain the RV fridge. Keep reading…

Can I store ‘open alcohol’ in RV Refrigerator?

No. if you are travelling then you should not have any open alcohol in the RV. Open container laws apply to RV and can lead to fines and citation. You should store such alcohol in the RV’s exterior storage space, similar to what you may have done in your own personal vehicle. Please refer to… Continue reading Can I store ‘open alcohol’ in RV Refrigerator?

How long can I run the RV Refrigerator?

You can run the RV refrigerator continuously for a week or more. Just ensure that either you are connected to an electricity source (Shore Power), if RV is not connected to any electric source then turn the RV engine or the RV generator on morning and evening for few minutes to charge the RV Battery.… Continue reading How long can I run the RV Refrigerator?

Will running the RV Refrigerator drain the RV battery?

Yes, there may be a slight drain of the RV battery. However if you turn on the RV generator or the RV engine then it will recharge the RV battery.

How long can I run the RV refrigerator for?

If the RV refrigerator is in good condition then you can run it non-stop for a week or even longer. Just ensure that the RV battery is charged occasionally and there is adequate supply of Propane.

How does an RV Refrigerator Work?

Typical RV refrigerator runs on Propane using the RV battery. As an RV renter you really do not need to worry about how the RV refrigerator functions, nevertheless if you need more details then please refer to the following site:

What are the dimensions of a typical RV Refrigerator?

Typical RV Refrigerator dimensions are (HxWxD) (In): 53 3/4 x 23 11/16 x 24. It has about 6 cubic feet of storage space.

What should I do if the Rental RV’s Refrigerator stop working during my rental trip?

If you cannot make the RV fridge or freezer work then just buy a good capacity cooler and fill it up with ice and your food items.

Is there a Refrigerator in RV?

Yes, most RVs are equipped with a refrigerator. RV refrigerator is significantly smaller than standard home refrigerator, however with some planning you can use it to store enough food for your RV trip.

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