Rental RV Damage Costs: A Real-Life Scenario


The majority of the rental RVs go without any glitches or issues. However, there are some unfortunate cases where RV damage may take place. Before you rent an RV, you should be aware of the worst-case scenario that could happen on a rental RV.



A family of four decided to take an RV trip from Chicago to California to drop their son for his new job and visit places on their way to California and some more on their way back.


Local RV rental

They rented the RV from a local RV rental in the Chicago suburbs.




As part of the rental, they purchased all the necessary rental RV insurance and coverage with standard deductibles.




Unfortunately, at one of the gas stations, the driver took a sharp turn, misjudged the distance, and drove over a stone. He panicked and tried to go back and forth a few times to get out of the situation that further increased the RV damage. Please refer to the pictures below.


RV Damage


Called up the rental RV place


As soon as this incident happened they called the local rental RV and informed them of the situation. They were honest and straightforward to accept all responsibility and request guidance.


Passenger Safety

Thankfully all passengers were safe and no one in the RV was hurt despite the rental RV damage. 


RV was damaged but still in driving condition


The RV was damaged below the floor line as shown in the pictures, however, after an assessment the local RV rental company and the renter concluded that the RV can be driven safely.


Cost of RV damage


As shown in the pictures, not only was the RV damaged by the stone but the back and forth driving further damaged the RV. The overall damage was assessed to be about $18K.


Rental RV Damage


‘Traumatic” Drive back 


The family that rented the RV was so shaken by this experience that they wanted to abandon the RV and just fly back to Chicago. However, the RV rental company warned that if the RV needs to be driven back by them then it will cost a few more thousand dollars. With great reluctance, the family drove back to Chicago. 


RV Insurance Claim Process


The local RV rental office hand-held them through the whole process of filing the paperwork. This was a fresh case at the time of publishing this but the local RV rental company expected the insurance to pay the entire $18K amount. 


Lessons for renters – Don’t plan a long trip unless you are an experienced RV renter


Any first-time renter should plan short trips to nearby destinations to get a feel of the RV before they plan a cross-country trip.


Driving – Never lower your guard


While driving the RV never take your attention off even for few moments. Particularly while turning and backing up go slow and have folks spot or guide you through tight spots.


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Insurance – Take the best coverage to minimize deductibles


For rental RV trips the chance of something going wrong is high, therefore always take as much RV insurance as feasible. It may appear costly but it may save you thousands of dollars later on.


If you have any questions on RV damage or any other topic then please reach out to us at We’ll get back to you within 12-24 hours to answer your questions. 



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