RV Rentals Vs Airbnb Rentals – Top 10 differences

2020 was a tumultuous year in which the initial COVID panic gradually gave way to vacationing locally using AirBnB home rentals and exploring distant locations using RV Rentals. Many vacationers may have considered both options. In this article, we provide a detailed view of how different an RV Rental is as compared to AirBnB rentals. Let’s jump into RV Rentals vs AirBnB rentals:


1. RV Rental is just a vehicle – You still need a place to park and stay


With AirBnB rentals, you get a place to stay and park your personal vehicles. However, with RV rentals you primarily get a vehicle to travel. While some professional RV’ers can live in the RV without the need for a campground, the majority of RV renters need a campground where they can hook up the RV electricity, water, and dump the tanks. This implies that renting an RV is just one step of the process – you need to book an RV campground near your destination to complete your stay arrangements.


2. RV Rentals open up long-distance destinations with ease


If you rent an RV and have multiple drivers then cross-country destinations are within your reach. Many first-time renters rent in Chicago, go all the way to Arizona and come back and cover Texas on their return back. This is particularly important for last-minute planners who can change their destinations till the last minute.


3. Airbnb Rentals have fewer ‘hidden’/post-trip charges


post-trip charges


With AirBnB, you have very few post-trip surprise charges, as long as you return the place clean with no damages then you should get your security deposit back. However, with an RV rental excess mileage fees could be a significant expense for long-distance trips.


4. RV Rentals brings you closer to Nature


RV rentals vs Airbnb rentals - nature


With an RV rental trip, you are likely to be spending much more of your vacation time in nature. The small space in the RV acts as an incentive to spend more time outdoors.


5. RV Rentals are more prone to damage


RVs are prone to damage


A Recreation Vehicle is akin to a moving studio apartment on wheels. The more moving parts it has, the more likely that something could go wrong. E.g. while backing up the RV, the rear or lower tanks could get damaged.


On the other hand, an AirBnB is a home that is presumably strengthened by your previous renters and is less likely to get damaged. One more related aspect that you need to look out for is that some rental agencies overcharge customers at the time of RV rental returns for cleaning or pre-existing damages. Mitigate this by taking pictures and videos at the time of pickup and note the same in the RV departure document.


6. AirBnB – Prime properties may be difficult to rent during peak season


Prime AirBnB properties like lake view units may have been booked months in advance and are limited in availability. However, with RV rentals, as long as you can book an RV you can drive to any location of your choice. You need to book an RV campground to get many more options and in case you don’t get a campground booking (may happen during peak seasons), you can still live in the RV for 1-2 nights without the need for a campground.


7. RV Campgrounds are not as luxurious as some AirBnB rentals


RV rentals vs Airbnb rentals


RV Campgrounds are typically just adequate for a comfortable stay, not many of them have luxury touches. On the other hand, some Airbnb rental homes may provide you the latest amenities and luxury touches.


8. RV Rentals are likely to be more Pet Friendly


RVs are pet friendly


Most major RV rental companies have pet-friendly policies and do not charge extra for pets, whereas top AirBnB rentals are less likely to be pet-friendly or will charge excessive cleaning fees.


9. AirBnB rentals are more likely to have local City Surcharge Fees


With AirBnB, local taxes are much more likely and material. RV rentals, on the other hand, may pay only the local sales tax that may range from 6-8%.


10. RV Learning Curve is more difficult than AirBnB


With an RV, you get about an hour-long orientation in which you are familiarized with the RV operations (connecting electricity, water, dumping tanks, etc.). In the majority of cases, it is new for renters and they need to go through a steep learning curve and try to remember or record the instructions.


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As you may see from this RV rentals vs AirBnB rentals comparison that an RV rental is very different from Airbnb Rentals. If you like to relax in luxury and enjoy staying at a place then AirBnB may be suitable for you. On the flip side, if you are a peripatetic kind and like to explore nature and new places then RV rental may suit you better. If you are looking for further assistance, feel free to contact us at support@rvrentalguru.com and we will get back to you with answers to your questions.






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