Outdoorsy Vs RVShare Comparison – 10 Factors That Differentiate Them

Outdoorsy.com and RVShare.com are the two top companies in the peer-to-peer RV rental segment. Both of them provide a technology platform that connects RV renters with RV owners and facilitates peer-to-peer RV rentals. They also provide a complete experience – from selecting RV all the way to completing post-rental steps online. Both the companies compete neck to neck on most aspects and are very similar, nevertheless, we have provided few aspects that differentiate them. Here is an Outdoorsy vs RVShare comparison to help you make the right choice.


1. Only Outdoorsy provides a dedicated Android and iOS App


Outdoorsy vs RVShare - app


At the time of writing this, only Outdoorsy provided an app that you can use for renting an RV.


This app enables almost all functionalities for renting an RV. RVShare.com provides only a mobile-enabled website.


The outdoorsy app provides a much smoother experience wherein a renter can access the functionality faster and in a more intuitive manner. Similar steps on RVShare.com mobile site take a bit longer and is particularly slow if you do not have a strong internet connection.


2. Only Outdoorsy provides a text message-based communication


With Outdoorsy, any communication sent to the RV owner shows up as an actual text message. The RV owner can respond back in the same text message and both the parties can seamlessly communicate with each other on just text messages with a special number provided by Outdoorsy.


RVShare.com, however, provides only an alert on the text message. You will know that there is a communication waiting for you. However, you cannot see the actual message. For this, you need to log into the mobile site, view the message, and then reply back.


3. RVShare provides a discount for returning customers


After the first rental, RVShare.com provides a 5% discount to returning customers.


4. RVShare.com provides Insurance Coverage for RV Interior


Outdoorsy vs RVShare - Insurance for RV interior


RVShare.com provides cover to both RV exterior and interior. Outdoorsy provides interior coverage as an additional option. For peace of mind, it is important to have complete coverage.


However, if the deductible is $1500 then interior coverage may be of little help as chances of interior damage exceeding $1500 are rare.


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5. Outdoorsy ‘flexible’ cancellation has 5 days cut-off, vs RVShare flexible cancellation cut-off of 14 days


cancellation policy


While cancellation policies are set by the RV owners, Outdoorsy provides a more lenient cancellation policy option wherein the renter can cancel with only 5 days left to the trip and that too, with minimal cancellation fees. For RVShare.com this cut-off is 14 days.


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6. RVShare.com provided better customer support during COVID 2020 rush vs Outdoorsy


Outdoorsy vs RVShare - customer support during covid


During 2020, there was a scramble to rent RVs. During this time, RVShare customer service appeared to better withstand the customer load.


(Note: This is an anecdotal reference and not reflective of future customer support).


7. Outdoorsy allows selecting RV Owners based on their rating



Outdoorsy search filters include selecting only RV Owners with ratings above a certain level. This is particularly important if you want to avoid unreliable RV owners.


8. RVShare customer support provides active last-minute cancellation support



In rare cases, an RV owner can cancel an RV booking at the last minute (e.g. if the RV is damaged by a previous renter). Based on customer feedback, RVShare customer services provides active support to look for RVs that can be rented to the renter. Additionally, they also provide credit for the inconvenience to the renter.


9. Rating RV Owners on cancellations


writing negative reviews for rv owners


Outdoorsy allows renters to rate RV Owners when the reservation is canceled. However, in the case of RVShare, a renter can rate the RV owner only when after the completion of the rental – no reviews are allowed in case of cancellations.


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10. Penalizing RV owners for cancellations – Outdoorsy vs RVShare


The last point to note in this Outdoorsy vs RVShare comparison is that Outdoorsy has stricter policies that penalize an RV owner when a reservation is canceled. This is an important deterrent to ensure that an RV Owner cancels only as a last resort. RVShare does not have an explicit penalty for the RV owner but its search algorithm penalizes the RV owners by not displaying in search results.


We hope that the above Outdoorsy vs RVShare comparison has eased your decision-making when it comes to selecting the right rental for you. If you need further assistance regarding any aspect of an RV rental, contact us at support@rvrentalguru.com.




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