Best Sightseeing Places to go With an RV


Camping is a way to enjoy nature and get relief from the work you have done throughout the year. It also gives you a fresh and relieves all the tensions. RV camping gives you a new experience by combining luxury with nature.

By camping with an RV, you can eat better, sleep better, and have excellent protection if you are stuck in harsh weather conditions. Or if you are lucky and the weather is good you can get your portable grill out and have a nice barbeque.

The United States is a home for most campers or RV travelers because the USA contains the most famous road trip roads and most scenic drives in the world.

But some of them become hazardous for the inexperienced driver due to the heavy winds, narrow roads and high altitudes. So here are some ideas you should know before going to these places.


Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

This place is one of the best scenic and highest altitude places in the USA, with an altitude of 12,813 feet. This place is a two-lane highway that is not narrow or with heavy winds. So there is no risk in summer.

This road is closed in the wintertime due to heavy snowfall. In the spring season, the snow melts and can create icy conditions. You can go fishing or hike along the Big Thompson river, or you can sit near the surroundings and enjoy nature.


The Blue Ridge Parkway

This is the most visited linear park in the USA. This place is gorgeous and stretches around 469 miles, and passes through both Virginia and North Carolina. This place is very curvy and windy in some areas.

So before planning a family trip to this place you need to keep the air condition and brake system in good condition. This place also contains many tunnels, so you need to check your RV’s height before planning a trip to this place. You can check the height of the tunnels on the parkway’s website.


Highway 101 Oregon

A lot of people plan a trip to this location to spend their time. The roads are mostly two lanes, and in some coastal areas, the roads extend to four lanes. It is not difficult to drive in these areas, but some rough spots and dips result in inland movement. So you should drive carefully and slowly in these areas.


Going To The Sun Road, Montana

Going to the sun road generally opens in between the month of late June and July. It comes with a length of 50 miles, and you can see a wide variety of amenities and activities during the two hours drive.

It is located at an altitude of 6,646 feet that is the highest point in the Logan Pass. Most of the visitors do not have any problems during the drive. If you have any problem, you can go slower and stay alert. You can also go to the Polson RV resort that offers a great experience in watching limitless Montana’s blue sky.


Highway 12, Utah


Many visitors have already rated that highway 12 in Utah is one of the best scenic drives. It comes with a lot of deep canyons, red rock formations, valleys, mountains and cliffs.

With all this fantastic stuff, this is one of the best scenic places. It is a bit steep and windy in some areas, but mostly you encounter a pleasant and exciting drive. If you need rest, there are plenty of spots. So you can stop there and enjoy the view.


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