Answering RV Rental Questions: RV Toilet, Generator, Kitchen Queries

There are a lot of questions that you may have before you rent an RV and start your RV rental trip. In this article, we are answering RV rental questions about the RV toilet, kitchen, generator, camera, etc.


1. Do Rental RVs have a back-up camera?



Answering RV rental questions - Backup camera



New models of RVs do have a backup camera. However, you would not find one in the older models. You can ask the owner or check the RV specifications to see if there is a back-up camera.


2. Should I worry about rental RV’s electric circuit board?


You should not worry about RV’s electric circuit board. If any switch trips then you should turn it back on as in the case of any ordinary switch at home.


3. Does a rental RV comes with a jump-start cable?


NO, you would not find a jump start cable in a typical RV. However, newer RVs come with an emergency jump start battery which can be used to jump-start your RV.


4. How do I check if the rental RV’s toilet (black water) is full?



Check RV rental tank levels


Look for a black panel which is usually on the passenger side wall near the RV entrance door and press the ‘Black‘ button. A LED display will show the level of water in the RV’s toilet – whether it holds ⅓ or ⅔ water is full/empty.


5. Do I need to worry about the rental RV’s propane tank?


No, RV Propane requires special handling that renters are usually not qualified for. You should ensure during pick-up that the rental RV has adequate propane supply for your trip. And before you return the RV, ensure that you fill the tank to the same level of propane from an RV campground or travel stop.


6. Is there any alert when the RV battery charge is low?


No, A standard RV does not have any alert mechanism to alert that the RV battery charge is low. However, as an indirect indicator, the Carbon Monoxide detector of some RVs have a special beep which indicates that the battery is running low on charge and needs to be recharged at the earliest.


7. Can I run the RV Generator the whole night?


RV generators


Yes, you can run the RV generator the whole night provided there is adequate gas/propane to run the RV generator. You should also ensure that the Carbon Monoxide detector is functioning properly to warn you of any CO fumes from the generator.


8. Can the RV Carbon Monoxide detector gives a false alarm?


RV Carbon monoxide detector


Yes, most RV Carbon Monoxide detectors beep when the RV’s battery is running low as the detector would not work in case of a completely drained battery. You can look closely at the sticker next to the Carbon Monoxide detector that shows the various kinds of beeps and what each beep type indicates.


Conclusion: Ask us if you have any further questions


If in answering the RV rental questions, we have not included a question that you want an answer to, contact us at and we will strive to get back to you with an answer in the shortest possible time.





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