Cost of an RV Rental Trip – Which RV Rental Company To Choose?

The cost of an RV rental trip is an important factor to consider before you book an RV. There are a lot of options but which RV rental company to choose? Here we take a look at the costs of an RV rental trip offered by the most popular RV rental companies.


How much is the Cost of an RV Rental Trip?


For most RV renters it is important that the total RV rental cost should fit within their budget. A simple 3-night weekend RV rental may cost about $750-$1000. A week-long RV rental may cost about $1500-$2500 depending on how many miles you drive.


Overview of 7-night RV Rental costs


Please review the costs of 7-night rental in June for the top four RV rental companies:


1. Cruise America 7 night RV rental cost – $1,289.82


Cost of an RV Rental Trip - Cruise America


2. Outdoorsy 7 Night RV Rental cost – $1,633


Cost of an RV Rental Trip - Outdoorsy


3. – 7 night RV Rental Cost – $1,724




4. EL Monte RV – 7 Night Rental costs $1,557.10


El Monte


Comparison Results


As you may observe that CruiseAmerica has the lowest cost of all RV rentals. Some online reviews suggest that CruiseAmerica RVs are cheaper, perhaps because many of their RVs are old and depreciated. However, for this comparison, the RV selected in Outdoorsy is of the year 2004 and the RV selected in is that of 2009. Despite this, CruiseAmerica’s price seems to be the best of all options.


Therefore, if the cost is your top criterion then perhaps you should start with CruiseAmerica and compare it with other rental options.


When to book an RV to get the least price?


If cost is the most important factor then perhaps you should book your RV rental trip during non-peak seasons and weekends and before/after the peak summer school vacation season. If you plan an RV trip before June or after August then you may have more options.


Tip – Outdoorsy and RVShare owners may be open to negotiation, refer to this article for more details :
RV Rental Negotiation – How To Negotiate With RV Owners




Hope this article has given you an overview of the costs of an RV rental trip. As suggested, start with Cruise America and then negotiate with other RV rental companies/owners.


If you face any obstacles or have any queries regarding the costs of an RV rental trip, contact us at for assistance.


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