10 Things That Can Go Wrong In An RV Rental Trip

An RV rental trip pans over several days and there are quite some things that can go wrong in an RV rental trip. While this may not always mean the cancellation of your rental trip, it may cause you some discomfort. To give you a heads up, we have outlined 10 things that can go wrong in an RV rental trip.

10 Things That Can Go Wrong In An RV Rental Trip

1. Change of Your RV Travel Plans


Change of your RV travel plans.

There is always a small chance that you may have to change or cancel your RV rental trip. Some first-time RV renters may not realize that RV rental trip changes and cancellations can be difficult or costly. At the time of your booking, you need to look very carefully on what is the critical date after which you cannot make trip changes. It can vary anywhere from 7 days to 45 days.



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2. RV Cancellation Due To Damage By The Previous Renter


RV Cancellation due to damage by the previous renter

RVs are usually booked back to back i.e. they return sometime about 11 AM, are cleaned up, and are ready to depart again at about 3 PM. A risk with this approach is that if the RV comes back damaged (e.g. the air conditioner is not working) then the RV owner will cancel your reservation and send the RV for repair instead.



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3. RV Equipment Breakdown During RV Rental Trip



RV Equipment Breakdown During RV Rental Trip

While most of the RVs are reliable and undergo regular maintenance, nevertheless there is a small chance that RV equipment can stop working in the middle of your trip. RV breakdowns can be of the following types:


3.1 Non Critical Equipment breakdown


For instance, if you are driving through a desert and the refrigerator breaks down then it will affect the quality of your trip. In this situation, you can always purchase a large cooler, continue your trip, and hope that the RV owner pays for the cooler.


3.2 Critical Equipment Breakdown


On the other hand, if you are traveling through a desert and the RV’s air conditioner breaks down then that is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. One not-so-bad possibility is that the RV owner/rental company locates an RV dealer near your vacation spot and schedules an appointment to have that fixed. However, if you decide to end the RV trip then you need to work with the RV rental company on what options you have.


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4. RV Engine Breakdown


There is a small possibility that your RV engine may face a serious maintenance issue during your trip. My personal opinion is that for well-maintained RVs this is a highly unlikely event. You should mitigate this risk further by asking for the RV’s recent maintenance records a few weeks before your RV rental trip.


Note – RV Roadside assistance can take care of minor issues like jump start or tire change. However, they will not be able to do any complex maintenance.


5. RV Accident


RV Accident - 10 things that can go wrong in an RV rental trip


This may sound scary but if you try to remember, it is very rare to see a Recreation Vehicle in road accidents. This is perhaps because RV drivers are extremely careful while driving.



Nevertheless, there could be the following situations that you may face:


5.1 Minor RV Accident


There was a situation when an RV renter backed into some small stones and damaged the RV’s toilet and kitchen tank plumbing. The consequence was that they were not able to use the RV’s toilets for the rest of the trip. They ended up using the RV park and gas station’s restrooms.


5.2 Major Accident


In yet another case, an RV renter drove the RV against branches that damaged the side exterior wall and the RV’s awning. Roadside assistance put the RV back so it was safe to drive. RV renter completed their trip without the awning but did end up paying the $1,500 deductible for the damage claims.


6. Tank Drain Accident


Most first-time RV renters dread draining the RV tanks, particularly the toilet tanks. However, this is a classic situation where the fear of this act is worse than the act of draining the tanks.

In the worst situation when an accident happens wherein you unintentionally spill the RV toilet’s tanks on the RV park floor, there will be RV park’s campground staff and perhaps other RV owners who will be there to help you.


7. False Damage Dispute


Though rare, there are instances where there could be a dispute wherein the RV rental company makes a false damage claim. We suggest that you read through the RV rental company and RV owner’s reviews to go with only an honest RV rental company. Additionally, you can note existing damages and any wear & tear in the RV departure documents and also take detailed pictures and videos when you pick up the rental RV.


8. Excess Charges


Excess charges - 10 things that can go wrong in an RV rental trip

These are rare situations when RV renters are surprised by the charges at the end of the trip. This is one of the worst of the 10 things that can go wrong in an RV rental trip.


One RV renter was surprised at the ‘excess miles’ charge and did not realize that the RV came with only 100 free miles per night of rental. The RV rental contract is usually very clear on excess charges and reading the contract carefully is the best way to avoid such issues at the end of your trip.


Please refer to the following article for more details: https://rvrentalguru.com/2021/01/01/rv-post-trip-charges-rv-rental-checkout/







9. Desire To Extend Trip


In most cases, families have a great time during their RV rental trip and may have many first-time life experiences. Many families call to extend their trips. However, during the summer season or other peak seasons, most RVs are booked back-to-back and it is not feasible to extend trips at the last minute.


10. No RVs To Book

No RVs to book



If you are a first-time RV renter and have decided on a rental RV trip then you should not make the grave mistake of procrastinating on booking an RV.


It may happen that all RVs get booked for the peak season and you may not get any RVs for your trip.









Now that you are aware of the 10 things that can go wrong in an RV rental trip, you should have a fair idea of the things you need to be extremely careful about – driving the RV carefully, booking the RV in time, and reading the RV contract and rental company/owner reviews thoroughly.


If you need further assistance with any aspect of your RV rental trip, feel free to contact us at support@rvrentalguru.com.


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