One-way RV Rentals | Not easy but there are options?

One-way RV rental is a specialized requirement so it is preferable that you stick with the big and reputable RV rental companies like CruiseAmerica and El Monte.

For instance, if you need a one-way RV rental from O’Hare International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport for a distance of about 2,000 miles.


One-way RV Rentals

CruiseAmerica – Not Available Online But Cheaper

Cruise America does not allow online-booking of one-way RV rentals. However, you can get a quote by calling their number 1-800-671-8042. The wait time could be long but once you get to hold a customer service rep then they will be able to create a quote within 2-5 minutes.


A sample quote from for Chicago to LA one-way RV rental is as shown below:

One-way RV Rentals

Note: The Security deposit of $500 is refundable.


One important point to note here is that there are no special charges for one-way RV rental (picking up the RV at one location and dropping it off at another).

El Monte Rv Rentals – Online Booking Available But Charges $800 For One Way RV Rental Trips.

The whole process of booking a one-way RV rental can be done online in the case of El Monte.


A sample quote is shown below for Chicago to LA :

El Monte

You’ll notice an “Options/ Fees Total” which includes $800 of one-way fees. The total cost comes out to be around $2,130 despite this charge.


However, this does not include the excess-miles charges which are roughly around $0.32-0.39 per extra mile. Considering this charge, around $800 will be charged for the miles so the actual total of the trip will come to around $2,900.


CruiseAmerica effectively costs $2,500 ($3,000 minus a refundable security deposit of $500). On the other hand, El Monte is $500 more expensive with its $3,000 deal.

Outdoorsy – One-way Rentals Are Difficult To Locate

Outdoorsy doesn’t explicitly offer any one-way rental search option. You need to comb through individual RV listings to find one.

RVShare – Uncertainty Over The Availability Of RVs marketing page makes it appear that they offer one way RV rentals but it does not provide you any way to locate RVs available for one-way RV rentals. You need to look at each RV listing if they offer one-way rentals!

Final Verdict – Which One To Choose For One-Way RV Rentals?

Our opinion is that RVShare and Outdoorsy just cannot offer one-way RV rentals. This is because a typical RV owner cannot hand over to you his/her RV in Chicago, and have some way to get it back from Los Angeles in time before the next rental. Trying RVShare and Outdoorsy for one way RV rentals is perhaps a waste of your time. (If this changes in the future, we will update you). As of now, Cruise America or El Monte should be your preferred option for one-way RV rentals.

Keep Note Of These In One-Way RV Rentals

  1. Call up at the location where you’re supposed to return the RV. This is to make sure everything is taken care of, the rental has been put on record, etc.
  1. Make sure to do a thorough walkthrough of your RV since you’ll be picking up the RV at one location and dropping it off at another. Note down all the minor points – scratches, damages, etc. of the RV. If possible, do take pictures of the RV with the date and time jotted down as well. This will ensure that when you’re returning the RV, there is no discrepancy with regards to any pre-existing damages.

Good luck searching for your one-way RV rental, if you have any more questions or you need our expertise to guide you in your RV booking then please drop an email at

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