Should You Tow Your Car Behind Your Rental RV?

You might have seen many RVs towing a car behind them and you might have wondered whether you should also tow your car behind your rental RV. Read this article to know about the various aspects of towing a personal vehicle behind an RV. Hopefully, you’ll agree with us that if you are a first-time RV renter, you should avoid towing your car behind your rental RV.


Why Do You Need To Tow Your Car Behind Your Rental RV?


tow your car behind your rental rv

Typically you will need a personal car so you can easily make local trips near your RV campground for groceries and other similar needs.



You may also need your personal vehicle to travel locally or visit nearby destinations that are difficult to go with the Recreation vehicle.







Do RV Rental Companies Allow You To Tow Your Car Behind Your Rental RV?


Brick and mortar RV rental companies like Cruise America and ElMonte RV have clear and well-defined policies that allow towing your personal vehicle. However, you need to declare at the time of rental or pick up your intention to tow a vehicle. You may also be required to pay an additional fee for towing.


Peer to peer RV rental companies like RVshare and Outdoorsy does not have an explicit policy on towing. They allow each RV owner to outline their policy.


Not sure about what cars can be flat towed behind an RV? Click here to know. You’ll also learn about the tips and methods to properly tow your car behind a rental RV.


Insurance Coverage On Towing A Personal Vehicle


insurance for towing car

This is the most important aspect that you need to evaluate carefully. Typically, even if the RV rental company or RV owner allows you to tow a car, it does not automatically provide you coverage with your RV insurance.



Based on our limited knowledge we feel that the current RV rental policies do not cover the vehicle that is being towed or any liability arising out of the vehicle being towed.



Therefore, it is extremely important that your personal auto insurance should cover such kind of situations. More importantly, your personal insurance should extend to RV Rentals towing as well.




Alternatives – What If You Can’t or Don’t Want to Tow a Personal Vehicle?


You have the following alternatives if you are looking for an alternative to towing your car.


1.Review your RV route


It is possible that you may be driving on RV friendly roads in which case you may not need a smaller vehicle at all during your RV rental trip.




Review Uber and Lyft availability near your RV campground. It may be feasible to use Uber and Lyft for your local travel needs.


3.Car rental


If you need to travel extensively during your vacation, consider picking up a car rental from any airport or city location on your way or from places that are near your destinations.


But is a car rental better than an RV rental in all vacation scenarios? Click here to know!




Our sincere advice to you is that if you are a new RV Renter, you should stay away from towing a car behind your rental RV. Even if an RV rental trip is inconvenient or expensive without towing a smaller vehicle, consider other options. Once you are an experienced RV driver, you can evaluate your travel needs and tow a vehicle as necessary.


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