Can RV Rental company cancel my reservation at last minute?


RV rental cancellations can be frustrating enough, let alone last-minute cancellations. But is it really a possibility? And what should you do if your reservation gets canceled at the last minute? We at answer all your questions here!


last-minute rv rental cancellations


Can RVshare and Outdoorsy RV Owner Cancel My Reservation At The Last Minute?


Yes, they can!


This may appear illogical but RV Share and Outdoorsy RV owners can cancel your RV reservation at the last minute and that too without giving any reason.



Why Would an RVshare or Outdoorsy RV Owner Cancel The Reservation?


In most cases, the reason for last-minute RV rental cancellations is a maintenance or safety issue with the RV which may force the RV owner to cancel the reservation instead of renting it out to you.


In some situations, it could be a personal reason for the RV owner where he/she may be going out of town and therefore will no longer be able to rent you the RV.


Another possible reason for last-minute RV rental cancellations could be that the RV has returned in a really bad and worn-out condition from its last rental and there isn’t sufficient time to tidy it up before your due rental date.



Do RVshare and Outdoorsy Have Any Policy To Prevent Such Last-Minute RV Rental Cancellations?


last-minute cancellation policy


Unfortunately Not!



And our personal opinion is that this is for a good reason. If the RV owner does not want to rent the RV, it’s better not to force him/her to rent the RV in such a situation.



(Tip: To pick the best RV rental company based on cancellation policies, click here.)




How Is The RV Owner Penalized For Such Last-Minute RV Rental Cancellations?


Firstly, the RV owner stands to lose the revenue that he would have gained by renting the RV to you.


Secondly and more importantly, Outdoorsy and RVshare search engine algorithms strongly penalize RV owners who cancel the RV reservations.



What Should I do If My RV Reservation Is Canceled At The Last Minute?


You should immediately start looking for other RVs – Not only from the same rental company but also from other RV rental companies.



Will RVshare or Outdoorsy Help Me Find a New Reservation?


rental companies help to find new reservation


Based on our limited experience, we have seen that RVshare customer service is quite proactive in searching for alternate RV Rentals. They also provide credit to compensate for the inconvenience to the renter.



You can contact RVshare customer service and seek their help.



We do not have enough exposure to Outdoorsy to comment on how they handle last-minute RV rental cancellations.






What Happens If No Other RVs Are Available?


Suppose that your RV reservation is canceled on a peak holiday date like the weekend around July 4, then it could be possible that all the RVs in your area have already been rented out and you will not have any RV to rent. However, this is a rare situation and you may not have to face this at all.



Can I Write a Negative Review For The RV Owner For Last-Minute RV Rental Cancellations?



writing negative reviews for rv owners

RVshare does not allow you to write a review unless the reservation is initiated and completed. Therefore, you cannot write any review for cancellation by the RVshare RV owner.



However, in the case of Outdoorsy, you are allowed to write a review even for cancellations.



We suggest that you should always read through the reviews of the RV owner that you are renting from. Look for any information that may give you an indication of the RV owner’s past cancellation history.





Can Cruise America Cancel My RV Reservation At The Last Minute?




Cruise America is a nationwide RV rental company that will rarely cancel your reservations.

However, there could be a situation that the RV that you rented gets damaged by the previous renter. In such a case, you are at the mercy of Cruise America and your trip depends on whether or not they have a spare RV that they can rent to you. If not, then you will be out of luck and you will not get any RV for your reservation.



Will I Be Compensated If My RV Reservation Is Canceled At The Last Minute?


Again, No!


You do not get any additional compensation for a last-minute RV rental cancellation. You will only get a refund of your original reservation. Depending on your situation, it is possible that RVshare or Outdoorsy might give you some credit to compensate for your inconvenience. However, this is mostly at their discretion.



Does RVshare or Outdoorsy Provide The Cancellation History of RV Owners?


cancellation history of rv owners or renters


No, they don’t as of now!



Based on our limited experience, we have seen that RVshare has a beta version where they track the cancellation history of the RV owner. But this feature is not released to the general public.



It is very likely that Outdoorsy also has this data available on the RV owner but they haven’t released it on their main website where you can view the RV owner’s cancellation history before you book an RV.







In real life, cancellations can happen in other scenarios as well. For example, your plane could be canceled at the last minute and you would have to make alternate arrangements. Similarly, last-minute RV rental cancellation is a real situation that would happen only if the RV owner is left with no other choice.


This is a situation that you really cannot plan for. It is our responsibility to warn you about this rare possibility lest you should be caught unaware.


In the unfortunate situation that your RV reservation gets canceled at the last minute and you need help to locate another RV then please feel free to reach us at We will strive our best to help you.






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