Rental RV Generator | You don’t need to know much!

Are you going on an RV trip and are troubled by questions regarding the RV generator? Sit tight as we answer all that you need to know about the RV generator.


What Do You Need To Know About RV Generators Before You Rent An RV?


RV generators

Not a whole lot!



If you can flip a switch, you will be able to use the RV generator with ease. And there isn’t a whole lot that you need to know. Nevertheless, we have outlined a few points that should answer most of your questions about using an RV generator.








Orientation – RV Owner Will Give You All The Details Necessary


Whenever you rent an RV, you will get a detailed orientation wherein the RV owner or the RV rental company will walk you through the RV operations in detail and this would also cover the “how to use RV generator”.


Usually, an RV generator would involve just using the RV switch in a slightly different way but once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as flipping a switch on or off and there isn’t a whole lot for you to worry about


Why Do I Need The RV Generator?



Most of the fixtures inside the vehicle like lights, small fans do not need a generator.


Similarly, an RV has a separate battery which will allow you to use the RV lights, fans, and anything that is small and easy to use and doesn’t draw too much power.


An RV generator is needed only for heavy-duty appliances that draw a lot of power (220 volts). For example, you would need it for running the microwave, the television, the wall charging outlets inside the vehicle, and the roof air conditioner.


Most of the other appliances like small lights and fans do not need a generator.


Can I Use The RV Generator When I Am Driving?


Generator while driving


In most cases, yes!




The RV generators are designed to be used even if you are driving. There are no known safety issues and problems. But just to be on the safe side, always verify this with the RV owner or the RV rental company.









What Does The RV Generator Run On?


In most RV rentals, the generator runs off the main gas tank that is the gas that you fill up for driving the RV and the same gas tank is used by the generator.


In most cases, you don’t have to do anything different to supply the RV with the necessary fuel.


How Long Can I Run The RV Generator?


As stated earlier, most Rental RV generators run on gas. As long as you have an adequate supply of gas, you can run the generator.


We have seen situations where some generators are parked on the highway rest areas and the generator runs most of the night.


Will The RV Generator Noise Disturb Anyone?


The RV generator does make some noise but it’s a steady-state noise that could be considered white noise.


This means that if the occupants go to bed, they would not be disturbed by the generator because it’s running at a steady noise level.


But there could be situations when you are parked in a campground or places where there are other RVs or campers and they could get annoyed or disturbed by the generator noise.


Tip: Check the local rules and regulations before you plan to use the generator in such situations.


Do I Need To Use The RV Generator If I’m Staying In An RV Campground?



RV campground


In most cases, no!




If your campground is equipped with an electrical supply that you can connect to your recreation vehicle, you do not need to use the generator. In fact, most first-time renters who stay in campgrounds with electrical supplies almost never use the generator.








Is It Safe To Turn The RV Generator On And Go To Sleep?


sleeping The RV generator creates fumes that include unsafe gases like carbon monoxide so you should always be vigilant when you use the generator for an extended period of time. If your vacation plan includes using the generator for long durations then you should make sure that the RV’s carbon monoxide detector is working before you pick up the RV and also before you go to sleep with the generator on.


Hence, this should not be an issue but it’s always good to watch out for any carbon monoxide exhausts.


Click here to get answers to more of your queries regarding RV generators.







Can A CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Machine Run On A Generator?




We have seen many cases where the RV renter or one of the passengers needs to use the CPAP machine and if they are living in a campground that has an electrical supply, a generator is not needed.


cpap machine



However, if you are staying at a place where there is no electrical supply at night and you or anyone else need to use the CPAP machine then theoretically you can use the CPAP machine with the generator but it is generally not advisable.


Instead, if you have any passengers that need to use the CPAP machine, you should preferably stop at a place that has a reliable electrical supply.


If you want to know more about what a CPAP machine is and how to use it when traveling, read this article.









To conclude, using an RV generator is really easy and simple and this should not be one of the topics that worry you. Just a few minor things are what you need to be aware of but other than that, you should be good to go to use the generator.


However, if you face any issues or are looking for answers to your queries not covered here, feel free to contact us at


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