Cost of week long RV vacation: About $3000!

There are four key cost factors you should consider in your budget for a week long RV rental: RV Rental Cost, Excess Miles Cost, RV Campground Cost, and Fuel Cost 

  1. RV Rental Cost – RV Rental (Outdoorsy) :$1,819.72 for a 1 week rental
This sample RV rental cost includes the cost of booking the RV, insurance for the RV trip, and RV pick-up fees.  
cost of week long RV vacation

2. Additional Miles – $433 

Round trip of 2000 miles will have 700 free miles (100 free miles/night) thereafter each additional mile will be $0.33 therefore 1300 (2000-700) additional miles will cost about $433.

3. Campground ( – 1 Week rental cost is $411.13

KOA campground nightly fees are usually higher than mom and pop RV campground and usually less than luxury RV campgrounds. You may need to modify these rates based on your travel plans.  

4. Fuel for 2000 mile round trip:$600

If RV runs 10 miles/gallon then you need 200 gallons, if price of gas is $3/gallon then total fuel cost will be 200*$3=$600. Most rental RVs provide a mileage of about 5-12 miles, you will need to modify this number based on the mileage for the kind of RV you plan to drive. 


This is a simplistic view to help give you an idea of RV vacation costs. Please add any aspects specific to your situation or RV trip. 


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