Alcohol and RV | Do they mix well?  

It’s a bad idea if you are considering carrying or drinking alcohol in your rental RV.


So when can you do it? 


Perhaps once you settle down at your campground!


How To Carry Alcohol On Your RV Rental Trip?


For first-time RV renters, our sincere advice is to carry alcohol in the rear exterior storage of the RV and consume it only when you reach the RV campground.


Can I Drink Alcohol In An RV That Is Moving?


alcohol in an rv


Absolutely No!


While state laws vary from one state to another, our advice to you is to not take any chances with such a situation. Even a slight smell of alcohol may lead to an unpleasant search by a cop, which you definitely do not want on your vacation trip.


For more information on this, click here.






Can I Carry Alcohol In An RV Refrigerator?


getting pulled over for alcohol in vehicle

Preferably No!


We strongly suggest that you carry alcohol in the rear exterior storage of your vehicle only. There is a small chance that your RV may be pulled over and get searched. Why take any chance that may affect your vacation!


Are you considering storing open alcohol in the refrigerator of your recreation vehicle? Read this before you do so.








Can I Drink Alcohol In An RV Parked In A Public Place?


Most likely No!


If you are not in a campground or a private property, you should avoid drinking alcohol even inside your parked vehicle.


If you want to know more in detail about alcohol consumption in an RV, various state laws, etc., do read this article from Cruise America.


Conclusion – Be Cautious with liquor in an RV 


If you are a first-time RV renter, avoid any liquor inside your vehicle except when you are at the campground. Stay focused on other important things like driving etc. which will contribute to you having a pleasant memorable RV trip.


If you have any questions then please feel free to reach out to us at We will strive our best to get a response back to you within a few hours.



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