RV Refrigerator | 5 Things you need to know?

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1. Can I Use The RV Refrigerator When I Am Driving A Rental RV?


Yes, you can use the RV refrigerator when you’re driving the RV.


RV refrigerators are designed in such a way that you can use them all throughout your trip – from when you rented the RV up until you return it. This duration can either be a week or a month-long. These refrigerators are built to last for both, a small and a long duration.


2. How Does The RV Refrigerator Work?


It works primarily on the 12Volts RV battery.


This means that you can run the fridge at any time you please – whether the RV is running or parked someplace. The refrigerator is not affected by whether the RV generator is running or not. You can also use the fridge irrespective of the fact that the RV is connected to an RV campground electricity source or not.


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3. How Much Food Can I Store In The RV Fridge?

Not quite a lot!

The refrigerator is fairly small in size and it cannot store a lot of food. You will have to pack your eatables and other items carefully and only after gauging the size of the RV fridge. This will help you optimize the limited space that you will get in the RV refrigerator.







4. Should I Carry An Additional Cooler In The RV Storage?


Yes, if you need it!


If your RV storage has adequate space and if you have surplus food items that need to be refrigerated, you can consider carrying an additional cooler in the RV storage.


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5. Tips To Maintain RV Refrigerator During The Trip


Follow these tips to ensure the longevity of RV refrigerators.


5.1 Check and refill propane for long-duration rentals.


Most RV refrigerators run on propane so if you are renting for a duration of more than 7-10 days, it is advisable that you check the RV propane tank and refill (I guess about $15-$20 for a week’s use) it as necessary.


5.2 Check the RV refrigerator at regular intervals


This will make sure that it hasn’t been turned off by mistake and there is no maintenance required.


5.3 Minimize opening the RV refrigerator door.


This is because the fridge will need more energy to cool its contents again. Hence, it’s best that you open the door only when necessary.


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