Stay in a Hotel or RV: 10 Factors that can help you decide?

Are you confused about what you should choose – a hotel or an RV? Or are you simply not aware of what kind of a living experience an RV has to offer? Whichever it is, we are here to provide you clarity with respect to how living in an RV is different from living in a hotel and what can be your best foot forward if you’re planning a holiday.

With amenities similar to that of a one-bedroom apartment like a bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen (with a dining table too), surely an RV must provide a better living experience during traveling than a hotel or a resort. Or does it?

Let’s dive straight into the comparison between living in a hotel and living in an RV.

Living in an RV Gives Convenience


Living in an RV

When it comes to convenience, an RV has a definite edge over a hotel. Changing hotels often in a short span of time can be a task in itself.

With an RV, you can easily explore several close locations without having to face the hassle of changing hotels again and again.

Checking in and out of hotels can get demanding as you have to be really alert when it comes to packing and unpacking. Misplace an important piece of paper or belonging and there goes your peace flying out of the window.

Comfort in Hotel

Living in a hotel


Holidays are all about relaxing and detoxing from your mundane life. Hence comfort should be an indispensable part of every holiday. Here’s where living in a hotel should be your go-to option if comfort is at or near the top of your priority list.

There is room service and you always come back to a tidied room, unlike an RV where self-help is your only resort. Plus, there are amenities such as gyms, spas, jacuzzis, mediation spaces, etc. in a hotel or a resort that are near non-existent in an RV park.

Travel When You Feel Like when Living in an RV

An RV gives you the freedom to travel whenever you want. If you’re up in the morning at 6:00 AM, you don’t necessarily have to wait for the entire morning routine to conclude to get the wheels running. Start and stop at your convenience.

Even during the late hours of the day, a night-person in the family can take the wheels and make sure that the voyage progresses. You must ensure that your sleepy family members (kids, spouse, etc) are properly tucked in behind seatbelts – safety is paramount!

In contrast, a hotel won’t be able to offer such flexibility. This is because you as a family would be subject to the common traveling hours and the need to get a meal done before hitting the road.

This brings us to our next point,

Food – RV Wins!

Living in an RV

There is no such thing as “Missing home food” if you are living in an RV. However exciting it seems at first, the fancy hotel delicacies tend to get monotonous after a while, and especially if it’s a holiday that lasts over a week.

An RV saves you money by avoiding the need to always eat outside. It gives you the option to cook homemade, organic, and healthy food for your family and enjoy the meal outside – at a campfire or under a clear blue sky. And whenever mood permits, you could always eat outside too.

A combo of both types of meals can exhilarate your holidaying experience to another level!

Living in an RV Gets You Closer To Nature

Living in an RV

Has it ever happened to you that you are traveling on public transport and you see a jaw-dropping scenic beauty but are unable to imbibe more of it?

A hotel too wouldn’t be able to give you many options to get close to nature as you will most likely be traveling to and from pre-decided locations.

But use an RV instead and you’ll find yourself stopping at the first sight of the sun in the morning or a rainbow amidst a rainy day. Want to stop and lie down on the luscious green grass? What’s stopping you!

Will Weather Matter?

Bad weather

Yes! You can enjoy a rainbow on a rainy day but what if the entire or majority of your holiday schedule intersects with bad weather?

You’ll find yourselves confined within your RV and as cherished as those moments with your family can get, you still wouldn’t be able to enjoy the outdoors.

While a hotel or a resort can provide tons of stuff to do indoors, it can get monotonous pretty fast when you find yourself inside your hotel room most of the time.

However, with exotic game areas or a relaxing balcony view, a hotel will at least hand you opportunities to savor a holiday under unfavorable weather.

Privacy when Living in a Hotel

Privacy in a hotel

While an RV does provide precious family moments and bonding, it can often be disrupted should another RV stand close to you in an RV camp.

In a hotel, you get a room, are least concerned by what your neighbor is doing, and your privacy is intact. However, in an RV there are chances (slim ones) that you may need to face and interact with people who’ve camped close to you in an RV park.

If you choose a hotel, your entire trip can include a negligible amount of courtesy-interactions and you will truly be able to gel with your family

A Pet co-traveler? RV it is!

Travel with pets in an RV

One of the biggest dilemmas for pet owners – should we take our pets with us on a vacation?

If you choose to take your pet with you, a hotel can be tough to get your head around. The extra pet costs that hotels charge (charges can soar as high as 75$ per night) can damage your pocket’s stitching.

Also, you’ll be at risk of adding more expenses to your holiday budget if your pet breaks or damages a hotel property.

RV has a home-feel to it hence your pet should do just fine. It can actually enjoy with you once it gets used to the ambiance of the place.

Bookings – How to Find Lucrative Offers

At both ends (a hotel or an RV), bookings can be quite troublesome especially if you’re looking to step out in peak holiday seasons.

It can be equally tough finding an available hotel room or a space in an RV park. But here is what you can do if you are faced with budget constraints and are looking to minimize the costs of a hotel stay or an RV park rental.

There are places that can offer you overnight stays free of cost (BoonDocking). Membership of platforms such as Harvesthost offer no-cost stays at wineries, farms, and golf courses. It lessens your thinking time with respect to should you or should you not consider a holiday with a sporadic income.

Family Bonding when Living in an RV

Family bonding in an RV

Traveling in an RV will give you a “camping-inside” feeling since all your family members will be together, even when you travel. Your vacation will begin the moment you start your journey. Good times wouldn’t necessarily be waiting on the other side of a draining travel journey.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the see-saw is heavier on an RV’s side when it comes to what’s best for your vacation plans. You can also check out Rvlife and Trylinx’s articles on the same and have a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.

But it all boils down to what you’re considering – is it comfort, cost, flexibility, or plain fun with the family?

If comfort, privacy, or an exotic resort experience is your goal, a hotel should be your preferred option. But if proximity to nature, meeting new people, eating home food, or traveling with a pet is on your travel to-do-list, an RV will pan better than a hotel or a resort.

What we suggest is that instead of making a pros-cons list of living in an RV versus living in a hotel, you can make a list of your priorities. And the option that suits your more important concerns or your majority concerns (it’s your call) should show you your step forward to an enjoyable trip.

Struggling with questions regarding an RV? Check out RV Rental Guru where we’ve answered tons of such questions. And if you seek more details about renting an RV and/or have any queries regarding the same, feel free to contact us!


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