RV Kitchen- Smaller than the home kitchen but equipped for your cooking needs

An RV Kitchen is small yet functional and will enable you to cook in the RV during a rental trip. RV kitchen gives you the flexibility to cook and eat healthy food at your convenience. It saves you money and time by minimizing the need to out eat restaurant food. It allows you to maintain safe social distance and yet enjoying the home (RV) made meals.

You’ll find different sorts of kitchens in different classes of RVs depending upon their size and shape. But here are some essentials that most RV rental kitchens have:

RV Kitchen Size – Small yet functional 

RV kitchens are smaller as compared to home kitchens but they provide (almost) everything you need to cook.


RV Microwave – Smaller but adequate

RV microwave is smaller as compared to home microwaves but it is enough for your travel heating needs. It is almost.


RV Cooking range: Easily cook for the whole family.

Most rental RVs have a small cooking range that allows you to easily cook meals for your family members. Kitchen space is way smaller than your home therefore you need to plan cooking when the rest of your family members are settled or out enjoying nature.


RV Oven:

Most RVs have a very small but functional over. RV oven is just big enough to let you bake a medium-sized pizza or keep food in small/medium containers warm.

Note: RV Ovens operate differently than home ovens, therefore if you plan to use the oven then have the RV owner demonstrate to you how to operate the oven.

Exhaust Fans: Small 

THE rental RV kitchen is usually equipped with a small exhaust fan that may not be adequate to remove all the cooking heat. Try and keep the RV well ventilated while cooking.

RV Smoke Detectors: Keep RV well ventilated to prevent false alarms

Rental RVs are not too large and even moderate heat can trigger the smoke alarm. Always keep the RV kitchen exhaust fan running, windows open, if there are other fans in the RV then keep them on so keep the RV well ventilated and prevent false smoke alarms.


Note: Most smoke detectors have a reset button that you can use to stop the alarm from beeping for about 10-15 minutes.

RV Refrigerator and freezer: Really small but will work with careful planning.


RV refrigerators and freezers are way smaller than home refrigerators. There is just adequate space to keep groceries and food for only a few days. However, with careful planning, you can maximize the value out of this space.

Tip: You can bring your portable icebox to store surplus food.

Kitchen supplies:

Some RV rental companies like CruiseAmerica.com provide kitchen supplies at an additional charge. RVShare.com and Outdoorsy.com RV owner’s policies may be different for each owner.

Tip: For hygiene safety bring your kitchen supplies, if you flying out of town and renting the RV then it may still be easier to make a stop at Wal-Mart or Costco and buy kitchen supplies yourself.

Super Tip: Perhaps you can have Amazon deliver kitchen supplies to the RV Owner or your RV Campground so you save on time to shop for kitchen supplies

Kitchen cabinets:

Rental RV usually has many nook and corners where you can store kitchen supplies.


Tip: Bring small & medium containers so kitchen supplies can be stacked over each other and also do not rattle while driving.

Dining table:

Rental RVs usually have a small dining area where 3-4 family members can comfortably sit and eat together.


Tip: If weather is nice and no mosquitoes/bugs then carry a portable dining table that you can put outside and enjoy dinner al fresco.

RV Propane Supply:

Most rental RV cooking range use propane. As a renter you do not need to worry about the propane. There are only two aspects that you should consider: At the time of RV pick up ensure that RV owner has filled up the Propane. If you end up using all the Propane then have the propane filled up at any good RV camp ground.


RV Dishwasher:

Rental Recreational vehicles do not provide dishwashers which means you’ll have to wash/clean dishes yourself. You will need to clean/wash the dishes yourself.

Tip: Try disposable plates and cutlery to avoid cleaning dishes.

RV Kitchen Sink:

RV kitchen sinks are equipped with hot & cold water. You can use the sink to wash your hands and clean dishes.


Tip: Most rental RV grey (kitchen) tanks would last you 3-4 days with moderate use, however regularly check the Grey tank level and drain when you enter/exit the RV campground.


Rental RV kitchens are well equipped to meet your travel dining needs. Plan and maximize eating in your RV to save time and money.


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