What preparation should to do to travel with my dogs in an RV?

Can I rent an RV if I am planning to travel with my pet?

Yes, in fact a significant number of first time RV renters consider RV primarily because they want/need to travel with their pets.

Do RV Rental Companies allow pets?

Brick and Mortal RV Rentals like http://www.CruiseAmerica.com and www.ElMonteRV.com have pet friendly rentals that do not have any additional charge for pets. However if you return the RV with pet hair and pet damage to RV from pets (e.g. seat scratches) then you may end up paying additional charges.

Peer to Peer RV Rentals like www.RVShare.com and www.Outdoorsy.com do not have a standard pet policy, it varies for each RV listing. You can search and shortlist suitable RVs, however please also try to read through the RV reviews by previous renters to get a complete perspective.

Should I consider renting a bigger RV if I am travelling with pets?

No, you should not rent a bigger RV just because you are travelling with a pet. Bigger RVs may provide you additional space but will require much more attention while driving and maneuvering in RV Parks and small roads. It is safer and more economical to go with smaller RVs and make the best of the available space.

Disclaimer: I have a preference towards smaller RVs therefore may be biased, but please check other web resources to get a complete perspective.

Do I need to take any special precautions while driving with pets?

Before you start driving the RV always do a walk through inside the RV to check that there are no loose objects that may fly around and hurt the pet.

Otherwise follow standard safe practices that you you follow while driving your car i.e. ensure that all passengers are secured and pets are also seated safely on the seats or at a safe location on the RV floor.

Can I travel through a desert in summer with my pets on rental RV?

Yes, but you need to be ensure that you are prepared for the summer heat. Before/after you book your RV, verify with the RV owner that air conditioner does not have any maintenance issues. Verify with the RV owner the last time RV Generator had oil change and maintenance done.

If you need to travel on a hot day, then it is best to adequately cool the RV before you start your trip e.g. if you are plugged in an RV park then use the electric supply to run the RV roof air conditioner to cool the AC. If you do not have RV Park electric supply then use the RV generator to cool the RV.

Once the RV is adequately cool then perhaps just the RV’s front air conditioner may be adequate to keep the entire RV cool. If it does not cool down the whole RV then turn on the RV generator and then switch on the RV’s roof air conditioner till the RV Cool’s down.

Can I travel in winter on snowy days with my pets on rental RV?

Yes, warming up the RV is easier than cooling the RV. This is because most RVs are easier to warm on a cold day than cool down on a very hot day. You can also crank up the heater in the front that will help warm up the RV faster.

What documents should I carry with me while travelling with pets?

You can consider the following items before you begin your RV trip with your pet:

  • Pet first aid kit and medications
  • Water
  • Food
  • Pet’s favorite toys and blanket so he can feel at home
  • Medical documentations, such as his vaccine certificate
  • Pictures of your pet, in case he get lost but it’s not expected

How do I acclimatize my pet on a rental RV?

If you are renting an RV then you most likely will not have the luxury to spend few days to make your pet comfortable in the RV. Instead bring your pet’s toys, bed, and perhaps some treats to make the pet comfortable.

In the beginning of the trip, take trips at short intervals so the pet can take breaks and slowly gets familiarized with the RV travel.

Can I leave the Pet in the rental RV at RV campgrounds?

No, on a short RV rental trip you should not take a chance with leaving the pets unattended for an extended period of time. On internet you may find articles about equipment that can help monitor pets  remotely, however such suggestions are suitable for RV owners who can invest in such monitoring equipment.

What special steps should I take before returning the RV?

Always clean up the RV interior with a broom, spray, and cleaning cloth. If your pet sheds then use a very strong vacuum to suck away pet hair, also consider using a lint roller to remove pet hair from mattress and car seats.

Additional Information

Please refer to following article that is geared more towards RV owners who spend significant time in RV parks and travelling and therefore are willing to invest in RV pet accessories:



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