What if the rental RV’s Air conditioner breaks down during my rental trip?

Each RV has two air conditioner, one in the rear living area (usually on the roof), one in the driver’s area. You can call the rental RV’s roadside assistance but they most likely will NOT be able to fix the RV’s air conditioner. You have following options to select from:

  1. If it is not too hot then just run the driver area’s air conditioner in full blast for the rest of your trip.
  2. Stop by at any Wal Mart or Home Depot and purchase a Portable air conditioner (usually less then $500) and perhaps charge it to the RV Owner. (You will need to run the generator for this to operate)
  3. Call up any nearby RV Dealer and if they have an air conditioner in stock and have the AC replaced. (This may waste a day out of your holiday trip).

Best way to mitigate this is to check that the A/C works when you pick up the RV.


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