How many days after the rental RV trip will I get my security deposit back.

Usually one week after the RV rental trip ends.

RVShare gives 3 days for the owner to inspect, claim any excess charges and/or damages, if no claim is made within 3 days then the security deposit is released to the renter that may take another 1-2 days depending on the renter’s bank.

Outdoorsy gives 7 days for the RV owner to claim any excess charges or damages. The funds are released thereafter that may take another 1-2 days.

CruiseAmerica – Any excess charges or damages are claimed immediately at the time of return. It is likely that you may get your refund 2-3 days after you return the RV.

Local RV Dealers – Their process and timelines are very similar to CruiseAmerica.


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