This is my first rental RV, are there any charges that may surprise me at the end of my trip?

Yes, following three charges will be added at end of your trip:

Excess Mileage Fees – If your 5 day rental trip had 500 free miles and you drive 1500 miles then you will need to pay for 1000 excess miles (1500-500). At $0/33 cents per excess mile this will cost you $330. (If your excess mile rate is higher then change this calculation).

Cleaning Fees – If you return the RV dirty, then you will have to pay cleaning fees that may range from $100 or higher.

RV Damage Charge – This the hidden ‘torpedo’ charge that can devastate your budget and whole rental RV experience. In some cases renters may be at fault e.g. they scrape the RV against a tree and scratches throughout the side of the RV, they will be liable for paying the $1500 deductible before insurance covers rest of the damage. There are many such scenarios that are discussed separately in more detail.


Rv Rental Insurance cover

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